Sunday, May 17, 2009


Cheniel sent me some more photos of Jason's first couple of days in the hospital. She also sent a few of Kayden hamming it up at his 6th Birthday Party. You hear this all of the time, but it's amazing how quickly these little guys (and girls) change and grow up before your eyes. It's the same with all of our grandchildren . . . and although we haven't seen any of Nick, Lily, Andrew and Max lately, we know they are growing just as quickly. (Hey, Kim - hint, hint, wink, wink.)
On another front, our vacation to China has been re-scheduled to August 27 thru September 11. It's been a bummer having to change all of our plans, particularly when we are so excited to go, but in the end, I think we will enjoy our time there even more. Hopefully, this Swine Flu situation will have sufficiently abated by then.

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