Sunday, September 28, 2008


Kim has been able to post some pictures of Maxwell on their blog, so I borrowed some to post here. (Thanks Kim!) To see the rest of the pictures, click on over to Tyler and Kim's blog and check 'em out.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Kim went into the hospital in American Fork this morning to be induced into labor. Early this afternoon, Tyler text-messaged me that Kim had delivered a 7 pound, 1 ounce, 19" bundle of boyhood whom they have decided to name Maxwell Seeley Hutchens. I just got off the phone with Ty a little while ago. He reports that Kim and Max are both doing well after a protracted labor that lasted all of 'two pushes'. Incredible. Right now, all six of them (Tyler, Kim, Nicholas, Lily, Andrew and Max) are in Kim's hospital room enjoying their first moments and hours together as a family of SIX. Neither Tyler nor Kim will be in a position to post anything on their blog in the immediate future, so he said it was cool for us to put this somewhat abbreviated announcement on our blog. By the way, Tyler says that little Maxwell is a cutie. . . .same as his older brothers and sister. Well, go figure. . . . just look at their parents.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Late one evening about four weeks ago, we received a call from Cheniel. At least the caller ID on my cell indicated that Cheniel was calling. However, when I answered the phone I heard Kayden's cheery and effervescent little voice:

"Hey, Grampa Hutch."

"Hey, Kayden. 'sup man?"

"Guess what Grampa Hutch?"

"What Kayden?"

"I'm gonna be a big brother!"

"Get outta here! Are you kidding me? A big brother?"


"Cool beans. You're sure?"

" said she's havin' a baby and that's gonna make me a big brother!"

"Are you excited, Kayden?"

"Of course, Grampa Hutch. I always wanted to be a big brother"

"Well, that's pretty cool. I'm excited for you and your mommy... I think you're going to be an awesome big brother Kayden."

"Yeah, me too Grampa. . .can I talk to Gramma Lynne now?"

And that's how we were informed of the wonderful news that Cheniel is pregnant. She asked us not to say anything about it until she had an opportunity to visit her OB/GYN and have it confirmed with a scheduled due date. When she called me back last week after having visited her Obstetrician, she confirmed that she is, indeed, pregnant. Her tentative due date is May 1st.
You may remember that she was two weeks overdue with Kayden and experienced some difficulties with that pregnancy. Cheniel is asthmatic and has had some additional medical issues that have prompted the staff at the University of Utah to establish a team of specialists to consult with her OB and be available during the term of her pregnancy. She has also been instructed to come in every two weeks for exams. Her oxygen levels have been in the 98-99 percent range and she says she feels great.
We are thrilled for both her and Jeremy. This is great! Kim is scheduled to be induced on Wednesday for the delivery of her baby boy. Our thoughts and prayers are with her, Tyler and the kids as well. Man, is life great or what? When Cheniel's baby is born in April or May, that baby will be our eighth grandchild. Cool beans, indeed.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


For the second consecutive week, BYU posted a shutout in the friendly confines of Lavell Edwards Stadium, pounding the Wyoming Cowboys by a count of 44 - 0. In the last two games, the Cougars have outscored their opponents (UCLA and Wyoming) by a combined score of 103-0. Ain't life grand?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


At about 6:45 last Tuesday evening, I had left work and was on my way home. Less than a mile from my office (on my way to I-65) I suddenly became aware of an object descending from the heavens. Well, not ACTUALLY from the heavens, but from the sky above. It was in front of and slightly to the left of my car at an altitude of approximately 20 feet. It was somewhat disconcerting to realize that this object was in the process of a final approach, preparing to land and I was directly in its glide path. Obviously, no flight plan had been filed or, in the event one had been filed, I had not been informed.

As the webbed landing gear dropped from the belly of the object I realized that a collision was not only unavoidable, it was imminent. Faced with a stream of oncoming traffic and flanked by a substantial irrigation ditch on my right, I slowed and braced for impact as the object now loomed large enough to completely block-out the sun and cast my entire car in shadow. . .kinda.

In an instant I realized that this craft hailed from north of the border (Canadian Goose) and had obviously mistaken my tinted windshield for some aquatic landing zone. As the goose realized the error of its ways and began to backpedal (back-flap?) its wings, I noticed that its eyes actually got larger and its lips seemed to be saying, "Af-ffl-lllaa-aaccc-ccc!!" Yeah. As if THAT was going to help the situation (notice the goose feathers in a couple of the photos).

End result: Windshield - 1, Goose - zero. Tasty.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Sunday was the day we felt the effects of Hurricane Ike in the Ohio River Valley in general and in the Louisville Metro/Elizabethtown areas in particular. The wind began to blow fairly hard while we were sitting in Sunday School class. The windows in the building were sucking in and out and the shrubbery was rasping and scratching against the building at a fairly decent clip. By the time we were on the way home from church (about 12:15) there were already scattered branches strewn along the roads and the power had flickered several times. At 1:00pm the wind had really begun to howl and we lost power completely at 1:16pm. The power remained off until nearly 7:00pm.

No sweat. We just hunkered down in the house and made the most of the adventure. We were unaware (until we broke out the weather radio) that by that time, an estimated 280,000 utility customers had lost power. We learned today that the number of customers in Kentucky who lost power is actually over 500,000. We in Elizabethtown are among the fortunate few who have had our power restored. Many of the remaining people who are languishing in the flickering light of candles and flashlights will not have power completely restored for another ten days to two weeks. Our patio furniture was blown hither and yon. . .our stainless steel grill was blown around like a cardboard box and the chain that had secured it to the base of the air-conditioning unit jerked the air-conditioner clear across the patio. We had grilled some steaks and brats right after church. . . in retrospect, probably a dumb idea. I turned off the gas and checked to make sure the grease in the drip-pan was not on fire. . .it wasn't. . but something was. However, I didn't notice it. The gusting winds not only blew the grill across the patio, but fanned some flames that remained from the grease drippings on the underside of the grill as well. Some of the wiring and plastic knobs and guarding caught fire. Our neighbors noticed it and banged on our back door to alert us to the fire. The grill is badly damaged but it could have been much worse. The wind had pushed the grill up tight against the back of the house. Coulda been MUCH worse. Put out the fire, gathered up the patio swing and cushions, re-attached the air-conditioner to the base unit and pretty much felt like an idiot the remainder of the night and today. More on that grill-fire episode (including photos) later.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Saturday, September 6, 2008


In a game that was eerily reminiscent of last season's last second, blocked-kick victory over UCLA, Jan Jorgensen blocked a UW extra point attempt with two seconds remaining which allowed the Cougars to slip out of Seattle with a victory. Next up is a greatly improved UCLA Bruins team that will seek revenge against the Cougs in Provo on Saturday. Rise and shout baby!


One of the best places on earth to find yourself in the middle of the summer or early fall (or anytime really), is Island Park, Idaho and the West Yellowstone - Grand Teton - Jackson Hole area(s). I put together this brief slideshow of some recent photos from Mesa Falls, Henry's Lake, Yellowstone, the Tetons, Jenny and Jackson Lakes. A unique aspect of these pictures is that only very few of them include people. . with one very notable exception. In one of the photos of Lower Mesa Falls, if you look closely you will notice a kayaker just about to go over the twenty-foot drop at the base. Outside of this single exception I think that when drawing from and utilizing the beauty and majesty of its palette, nature realizes that it is not always enhanced with the addition of people to its canvas. Though these photos don't begin to do justice to the region, those of you who have been there know what I'm talking about. You also know what a special place it truly is.

Monday, September 1, 2008


With apologies to Kim and Tyler, I copied some photos of the grandkids from their blog and included them in ours. It seems like not so long ago, we were bundling up baby Andrew and taking him to church when we visited in North Carolina. Wasn't it just yesterday that Lynne was feeding the horses with Nick and Lily and we were all having a blast at Jungle Jim's? Amazing. PLease click on Ty and Kim's blog for more great pictures and info from Kim about the kids. From the top: Andrew's new togs, courtesy Lily; Lily on her bike (pre-accident); Nick shaving before Church; Lily after her visit to the ER; Nick's first day of school. Handsome.


I received a very pleasant surprise a few days ago in the form of an email from my Uncle Adrian (thanks cousin Kay). I have not seen or heard from him (nor he from me) since sometime in the late summer or fall of 1980. It was great. I emailed him in return, which subsequently led to a wonderful phone conversation that lasted about an hour. He and Aunt Jan are living in Mesa, Arizona. Their daughter - my cousin Karleen - and her daughters live in the Yuma area. Karleen's oldest, Jeremy (Jay), lives in Tempe or Phoenix.

Adrian has experienced some severe health problems in recent years that have curtailed his assignments abroad and therefore, his and Jans world-wide travels. After spending years in places like Egypt, Iran, Romania, Jordan and Central Asia (Kazakstan, Kyrgystan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan) he now enjoys relaxing with his grandchildren and great-grandchildren as well as fishing, recreating in and helping the Forest Service to maintain the Saguaro Lake recreation/camping area(s).

The above pictures are of (top) Adrian and Jan at Saguaro Lake; (middle) Jan, Karleen and Mark (Karleen's hubby); (bottom) Jan's surprise 70th birthday party with - Karleen in the burgundy blouse on the center of couch, flanked by her daughters on either side, Jay and Jan on the left with Jan's sister Sandy and her daughter Erin is on the right end.


Finally. The universe is on an even keel and once again things are in their proper order in the eternal scheme of things. After months of waiting and untold hours of hand-wringing, wet-palmed, breathless anticipation. . . . BYU football is back! Yeah, baby! This is my favorite time of year. College football season. The 'Y' began this season's quest for the BCS with a somewhat less than spectacular win over a gritty and determined Northern Iowa team. Next up is a traditionally tough PAC-10 foe, the University of Washington in Seattle. I have added a BYU football widget at the bottom of the blog that will recap the most recent game and includes links to other stats, stories, etc. Check it out after each game.

Also, oh yeah, by the way and just for your information. . .UK and UofL opened their respective seasons by squaring off against each other at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium in Louisville yesterday. The Cardinals were summarily pummeled, thrashed and humiliated on their home turf by the vastly superior Wildcats. Cards couldn't even score an offensive point. Game wasn't even close. No doubt from the opening kick-off. Woeful and pitiful performance by the Carinals. Pathetic, inept, inane and just plain BAD. The Alamo was tame and competitive by comparison. Jeez! Is Lynne gonna be hard to live with now. . . espically since her personalized WLDCAT licensce plate has arrived.